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We here at Apptrix are fledgling digital mobile Application designers who specialise in the conceptualisation and production of Application games and utilities on both the iOS and Android markets.

Our passion for Applications, innovation and modern technology is what drives us but we do have a soft spot for games having been avid gamers since 1990!

We specialise in all areas of Application creation ranging from initial design and story boarding all the way through to marketing, launch and knowing how to impact your bottom line by raising your RPU”

Our areas of expertise

Design, Theming and Storyboarding

We’re experts at understanding the needs of the Application from the outset.  We pride ourselves on giving Applications their identity.

Application UI/UX

We understand an Applications target demographic which enables us to tailor the UX/UI to maximise the userbility of the Application and keep its users hooked!

Application Marketing

We have the contacts and know the key criteria needed for effectively marketing Apps and getting them into users hands!

Application Consultancy

We can provide bookable hourly consultation on any areas of your Application Development, why not tap into our knowledge!

What our clients say

"We at Creation Application have been working with the Apptrix team for well over 6 months. In that time they have proved to be energetic, creative & passionate about their products & projects. What stands out is their deep understanding of the gaming market and what it takes to create useable, additive and best in class mobile games.

The people of Apptrix are a really great team to work with and their clear passion for mobile is infectious! We look forward to a long standing partnership and working with them for years to come"

− Keith De Alwis (COO - Creation Application)

"The Apptrix Ltd team are clearly going places. Their passion for gaming is what drives them and their first game; Animal Jumble will be a huge success, it's brilliant for all ages!"

− Hadrian Brzezniak (Managing Director - Mayfair IT)

"I have been working with the lads at Apptrix now for last four months and we've had a lot of fun creating their marketing videos for Animal Jumble, not only are they very professional and driven but they're a breath of fresh air to work with and we hope to work with them for many years to come!"

− Soren (Founder and MD of Apps Gone Viral)

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Any idea submitted through the Apptrix Ltd website is covered by the standard terms and conditions of the Apptrix Ltd Non Disclosure Agreement and will only be discussed with those who submitted the idea. Apptrix Ltd NDA available on request